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Every project undertaken by Favorite Recordings is done so with artistic integrity, high quality production and great music in mind. Favorite Recordings holds a strong tie to the traditional way of producing and making music. The label is home to over 20 solo artists and bands, many of which have been friends for several years, others who met through Pascal Rioux, the label founder. The result is a strong team, great musical collaborations, and a style that is recognizable throughout all genres - an authentic label sound. Main label artists include The Dynamics (reggae soul), Mr. Day (pop soul), Mr. President (funk rare groove), Onra (beats & hip hop), Real Fake MC (old school hip hop), Dwilt Sharpp (alternative electro funk), Trevor & Lisa (funk live band), Buddy Sativa (jazz), The Incredible Funk League (old school hip hop), Modo Solar (brazilian soul), Lorett Fleur (electro soul), Hawa (northern soul), DJ Suspect & DJ Cléon (funk turntablists), Joyzza (jazz soul), King Mato (reggae), Walter Mecca (hip hop beats). Favorite Recordings is very attached to the vinyl format and as such produces and distributes vinyl on a large scale worldwide through Pusher Distribution, its own distribution entity. The label’s 7 inch, 12 inch and LPs are available in Paris, London, Tokyo, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Berlin. The label’s worldwide success is due to the its artistic consistency over the past 15 years, as well as the strong support received from international DJs and radios. Five years ago, the label extended its activities to digital platforms and was also successful in CD sales, notably through The Dynamics first album Version Excursions. The label’s intent is for all of its music to be available in all three formats, vinyl, CD and digital. Favorite Recordings’ chosen craft is the making of good soul funk music the old school way, as a family, while always taking a step forward, towards the freshest sound around.

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